Providing Pianos, Workshops, Accessories, and More

Recital Hall

Our beautiful 100-seat hall is the perfect venue for teacher recitals, master classes, workshops, and other events. Numerous events are open to the public, played on our two 7-foot grand pianos.

Our Pianos

If you’re looking to buy a brand-new piano, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of pianos from different brands:

  • Kawai Acoustic Grand and Vertical Pianos
  • Kawai Portable Digital Pianos
  • Novus Hybrid Grands and Verticals
  • Shigeru Kawai Hand-built Grand Pianos
  • Kawai CN and CA Series Digital Pianos
  • DG30 Grand Shaped Digital Piano

However, if you’re looking for a reconditioned or rebuilt piano, we currently have more than 40 pianos in all shapes and sizes. Our partnership with Lafayette Music means we have printed piano sheet music, method books, and accessories in stock. We also offer piano technical services to help keep your musical instrument in good condition.

Piano Education Center

If you want to learn more about the elements and materials that go into making a fine-quality piano, join us in the piano education center. We can also assist you in learning the following:

  • Why some pianos cost more than others, despite having the same number of keys
  • What pitfalls to avoid when buying a piano
  • What to look for in a used piano on the private market

Connect With Our Team

We greatly appreciate the patronage of our previous clients and look forward to continue being of service. If you have any questions about what we offer, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.